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The first footage for The Dark Tower was revealed at CinemaCon in Las Vegas, featuring Jake Chambers and Roland as they face The Man in Black.

Power Rangers trailers teased a big moment between Jason and Kimberly, and director Dean Israelite has explained why that moment was cut from the final version of the movie.

Decades before the O.J. Simpson case, there was already a “crime of the century” for the 1900s. Now nearly a century old, the case still has a long-standing impact, not just where it happened (Chicago) but in our culture overall: Multiple movies have been made about it, with such actors as Dean Stockwell and Ryan Gosling playing one of the culprits in question. Even if you’re not sure who, exactly, these names belong to, you’re likely familiar with the phrase “Leopold and Loeb.”

Nathan Leopold and Richard Loeb were two beyond-gifted teenagers in the high-class neighborhood of Kenwood (where the Obamas have a home), near Hyde Park on the South Side of Chicago. Both had graduated from college before the age of 20. In 1924, 18-year-old Loeb was in graduate school, and 19-year-old Leopold was in law school. Studying the works of Nietzsche, the pair decided to ...

Fun or faux? We discuss the epic monster movie "Kong: Skull Island".

In the hours before his suicide in 1999, Petra Epperlein’s father washed his car, burned his personal papers, and mailed his daughter a cryptic note along with a postcard she had sent him some years earlier. The death seemed to come out of nowhere for Epperlein and her two brothers; their father had been a prototypical mustachioed, hard-working family man who labored to give his children the best life he could in their corner of East Germany. But there was the matter of the mysterious blackmail threat that arrived at their home not long after the collapse of the Berlin Wall, and the fact that their father had been able to get his sons out of military training thanks to what had been described as a favor from a friend. In the years since his suicide, a suspicion has bugged the family: Did their father, in fact, work with ...

Our review of Hugh Jackman's final film as Wolverine in all its R-rated glory.
Plus, Robert Rodriguez in talks for 'Escape from New York' reboot, 'Pirates 5' releases a new trailer and Joseph Gordon-Levitt in talks to direct/star in R rated musical 'Wingmen.'

The annual theater owner convention known as CinemaCon is currently going on in Las Vegas, and it was tonight during Sony Pictures' big studio presentation that the first ever clips and scenes from The Dark Tower were shown.

Joel went to FESPACO (Panafrican Film and Television Festival of Ouagadougou) the biggest and oldest film festival in Africa. He tells us about the best and worst films he saw plus the experience of being in an all French speaking country.
SATURDAY AM UPDATE: Disney's Beauty and the Beast is looking at a monster second weekend, appearing as if it might outperform even the most optimistic expectations after it brought in an estimated $23.6 million on Friday. Disney is estimating a weekend in the low-to-mid $80s while rival studios estimate it may actually top $90 million, dropping less than 50% for a second weekend that will rank in the all-time top five as it pushes well over $300 million in just ten days. Elsewhere, Lion...
Ego the Living Planet in comic book and movie form, from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2
With 3 MCU films set to hit in 2017, we list the characters making their movie debuts - and what you need to know about them before you buy a ticket.
If you only associate the name Lara Croft with the 20+ old, polygonal Playstation version or Angelina Jolie's big screen version, you may not recognize the Lara Croft above. The gaming franchise was rebooted a few years ago, and while she underwent an obvious redesign, the character itself also went through significant changes. Now she's less of a wannabe Indiana Jones and more of a woman thrust into a survival scenario that ultimately puts her on a course with her father's adventurer legacy. This new Lara Croft is the version the new Tomb Raider, from The Wave director Roar Uthaug, is based on. It stars Alicia Vikander, and Vanity Fair just debuted the first official look at Vikander in the reinvented role, which clearly hews close to the digital version...
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Disney's live-action remake of Beauty and the Beast has delivered a film the size of a summer blockbuster in the month of March, debuting with not only a record-setting March opening weekend, but the seventh largest domestic opening of all-time as Disney now owns six of the top seven opening weekends of all-time. Thanks in large part to Beauty and the Beast's opening, but also to the continued strong performances from Logan, Get Out and a decent hold from Kong: Skull Island, this weekend's ...
Here are a bunch of little bites to satisfy your hunger for movie culture:   Movie Poster Parody of the Day: You've seen the new Spider-Man: Homecoming poster, now here's the Deadpool 2 reaction poster, via BossLogic: This is my house :D @TomHolland1996 x @vancityreynolds @deadpoolmovie @SpiderManMovie — BossLogic (@Bosslogic) March 25, 2017   Trailer Reaction of the Day: What would the Avengers think of the Justice League movie? Watch them watch the new trailer and discuss what it means for them (via /Film):   Reworked Movie of the Day: What if Marvel movies were like DC movies? Here's The Avengers marketed in the style of the new Justice...
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Chicago gave America improv comedy, the notion of long-suffering sports franchises, Playboy, the meatpacking industry, the Ferris wheel, urban architecture, comic book gangsters, Wilco, the album art for Wilco’s Yankee Hotel Foxtrot, Muddy Waters, and Barack Obama. The list can go on another 500 items. But it’s Chicago’s food innovations that have traveled the farthest outside city limits. You have us to thank (or scorn) for the following.

1. Chocolate brownies

Photo: Wendy Maeda/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

Sometimes, when the wind is blowing just right, the River North neighborhood of Chicago smells like chocolate, wafting in on the breeze from a nearby factory. It’s a fitting tribute to Chicago’s rich, gooey history of baked goods, most notably the brownie, which was invented at the Palmer House Hotel at the turn of the 20th century. Like many great Chicago innovations, the creation of ...

From Logan to Star Wars, here are the movies that teased future twists in their franchises so subtly, you may have missed them completely.
Plus, reviews for 'Legion,' 'The Flash' and 'Supergirl.'
Need your Monday afternoon Star Wars fix? Here's the latest from a galaxy far, far away:   One More Rogue One Easter Egg Beginning with Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, which is now available in digital release, director Gareth Edwards has one final Easter egg to reveal, and he shared the bit of trivia in a new interview for Collider. Here's the scoop on how Jedha became a holy place: "If you look at the establishing shot of Jedha from above, the layout of it is this giant, circular rock formation around where Jedha is—the idea was that there was a meteor impact that hit Jedha, and it came at such a force that it was what created the Kyber Crystals at the center of that crate of impact. So Jedha is like this very unique place in the...
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Over the past couple of weeks, Pharrell Williams has been shopping a musical project underneath the world's nose. And now, we have the details about this new undertaking, as it's officially landed a home. Read on for the details.

Disney's Beauty and the Beast delivered a monster second weekend, pulling in enough to make it the fourth largest second weekend of all-time and pushing the film over $315 million in a matter of just ten days. Added to that, Lionsgate's release of Saban's Power Rangers debuted in second place and proved there was still an audience for the franchise that began in the early '90s. Meanwhile, Sony's Life didn't show much of it and WB's CHiPs finished mostly as expected, settling in the lower ha...

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