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FRIDAY AM UPDATE #2: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 continues its international roll-out as it opened in an additional 17 material markets yesterday bringing its international gross to an estimated $22.3 million. We will be updating individual territory charts once the weekend has concluded, but for now here's the breakdown: Australia - $6.2M France - $2.7M Italy - $2.0M Germany - $1.5M Brazil - $1.2M New Zealand - $1.1M Philippines - $1.1M Indonesia - $0.9M Thailand - $0.7M Sweden - $0.6...
Superman in Man of Steel
Henry Cavill, who plays Superman in Warner Bros' DC Extended Universe, celebrates National Superhero Day by praising Marvel and DC stars.
The Important News Superhero Movie Sequels: Unbreakable sequel Glass will arrive in 2019. Jurassic World: Jeff Goldblum will be back as Ian Malcolm in Jurassic World 2. Marvel Cinematic Universe: Brie Larson said Captain Marvel is everything she cares about. Star Wars: Sam Esmail might write the solo Obi-Wan spinoff. Star Wars IX received a May 2019 release date. Rian Johnson won't be writing Star Wars IX. X-Men: Fox confirmed the title Dark Phoenix and scheduled it for next year. Narnia: Joe Johnston will direct the Narnia reboot The Silver Chair. Disney Remakes: Seth Rogen and Billy Eichner may join the live-action The Lion King. Ewan McGregor will play the grown-up...
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Wonder Woman is five weeks away from release, and the amount it has spent on marketing so far has been disclosed.