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The first footage for The Dark Tower was revealed at CinemaCon in Las Vegas, featuring Jake Chambers and Roland as they face The Man in Black.

Power Rangers trailers teased a big moment between Jason and Kimberly, and director Dean Israelite has explained why that moment was cut from the final version of the movie.

Decades before the O.J. Simpson case, there was already a “crime of the century” for the 1900s. Now nearly a century old, the case still has a long-standing impact, not just where it happened (Chicago) but in our culture overall: Multiple movies have been made about it, with such actors as Dean Stockwell and Ryan Gosling playing one of the culprits in question. Even if you’re not sure who, exactly, these names belong to, you’re likely familiar with the phrase “Leopold and Loeb.”

Nathan Leopold and Richard Loeb were two beyond-gifted teenagers in the high-class neighborhood of Kenwood (where the Obamas have a home), near Hyde Park on the South Side of Chicago. Both had graduated from college before the age of 20. In 1924, 18-year-old Loeb was in graduate school, and 19-year-old Leopold was in law school. Studying the works of Nietzsche, the pair decided to ...

Fun or faux? We discuss the epic monster movie "Kong: Skull Island".